How to bump a car lock

How to bump a car lock

Locksmith Bel AirBumping locks for is not a new technique for opening locked car doors. In fact, people have been using it for over half a century. When used correctly, this method is very effective opening the cylinder locks. This technique, like any other lock picking method requires patience and time. Bumping a car lock requires the use of a ‘bump key’. This is a special key in which the cuts are all the maximum possible depth, also known as a 999 key.

There are 3 steps to bumping a car lock.

  • Making sure the key is right

The first step to getting this technique to work right is to make sure that key you are going to use fits inside the car lock that you want to get opened. This is not a very difficult task. All you have to do is make sure that you have the key of the model of the lock. In most cases, any particular model of lock will accept any key of that model. This is because it is only the teeth of the keys that are different. The rest is same so the lock will accept any key from its model. For example, if you fashion your bump key after an Acme model, this bump key will then be able to open any and all other Acme model locks.

  • Getting a bump key

You can get a bump key in two ways. You can either get it made by a locksmith or cut your own bump key.

  1. Locksmith

In the first way, you first need buy the type of key for the model of the lock you have to open. Once you have that you will need to visit a locksmith so you can ask him to fix up a 999 key for you. This is the kind of key in which all of its valleys are at the maximum possible depth. However, asking a locksmith for a 999 key can sound a little bit suspicious.

  1. Making your own bump key

If you don’t want to go to the locksmith, you can always create your own bump key at home. Once you have a copy of the key of the model of the lock you can use a metal file to start create the deep valleys. All you have to do it start filing all the valleys down so they are at the same even level with the lowest point in the teeth.

  • Inserting the ley into the lock

Once the key is in the lock, you pull it out on one click so it’s not quite in all the way. When you’re pushing the key in the right direction, sharply hit the back of the key with a solid object so that key turns all the way in the direction it needs to turn. The door should unlock now. If not, you just have to repeat this last step until it works.

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